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Toasty Warmers™

Don't let your hands get cold as you work!

Wear Our Toasty Warmers™ and keep your fingers and hands toasty warm at all times.

Our hand warmers are super soft and feature an internal heating pad to keep your hands warm and toasty in cold weather.

USB hand warmer gloves 1

This is a comfortable and cute way to keep your hands cosy as you rock out some work on your laptop.

You simply plug them into any USB port and within moments your hands get wonderfully toasty, and yes you can easily type while wearing them.

USB hand warmer gloves 80

 Ultra-lightweight and easy to use. It can be connected to laptops or computers, mobile power, or portable chargers, and most USB- enabled devices. They are breathable and durable

USB hand warmer gloves 6

Flexibility & Freedom of Movement: These versatile toaster heated warm gloves turn into fingerless gloves so you can keep your hands warm while typing, reading, eating, and playing.

USB hand warmer gloves 8

Uses & Materials: Convenient for office or personal use. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings such as games, typing, mouse operation, office, playing, cycling, hiking, outdoor adventure, etc.

USB hand warmer gloves 7

Temperature Control & Safety: These heated USB hand warmer gloves use advanced carbon fiber heating technology and are safe to use.

Soft Material: Made from 100% acrylic fiber, the USB Heated Gloves quickly heat and keep your hands baked. Soft material adds flexibility, comfort, and fit.


  • Material : Plush Flannel
  • Type : Hand Warmer
  • Voltage : 5 V
  • Power : 2.5 W



  • 1 x Toasty Warmers™