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Mini Suction Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The Last Portable Vacuum Cleaner You'll Ever Need!

Our Mini Suction Portable Vacuum Cleaner is a compact and convenient vacuum cleaner that can be placed in the center console storage box of your car.

Equipped with strong suction power, this device guarantees long-battery life and easy vacuuming.

Multiple filtering systems quickly separates the dust and prevent particles from entering the machine room and blocking the monitor.

Its vortex speed increase cycle enhances wind power, improving suction. With a washable filter, this prevents dust from absorbing the filter when used, maintaining It's condition.

Strong suction: The turbo-charged aluminum vane design, efficient and powerful motor, can easily suck away scraps of paper, soot, hair, pebbles and other dirt.

Good filtration effect: The ingenious ventilation structure, the filter net can separate the dust and the air from the sundries to avoid secondary pollution. The heap filter net can be washable and reusable.

Long power cable: The 4.5m power cable can support a large scale cleaning for your car, more convenient and practical.

Wet & Dry Use: It can easily clean dust, debris, crumbs, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, as well as liquids.

Low noise: The mini vacuum dust cleaner runs with very little noise will not disturb others.

Compact and portable: The simple cylinder appearance is very compact, taking little space on your car, easy to carry with.


  • Rated Power:120W
  • Material:ABS + Motor
  • Input:DC 12V
  • Size:21.5*4cm/8.45*1.57in(H*D)


  • 1 x Mini Suction Portable Vacuum Cleaner